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Boiler Deconstruction at Burnaby Mountain

As the preferred contractor to CANNEPP Boiler Room Technologies, we were brought in to assist with a boiler removal of Boiler #4 at Simon Fraser University. The university was looking to replace the existing boiler with a newer high-efficiency boiler. After having the boiler tested, the results came back positive for lead. The project consisted of removing the lead, deconstructing the boiler and removing the ducting above the boiler.


CANNEPP Boiler Room Technologies


Lead Abatement


Simon Fraser University Burnaby


April - May 2018

Project scope and our approach.

We approached this project in two phases. The first phase focused on the containment and removal of the overhead ducting while the second phase was the lead abatement and removal of the boiler. The project took place over 6 weeks with a rotating crew of five certified workers.

The lead paint was removed with our laser ablation technology. Our certified laser technician was able to vaporize the lead on the exterior of the boiler prior cutting the steel casing to access the internal components of the boiler. The lead then needed to be abated from the interior surface of the boiler before the boiler could be taken apart in sections.


This project required phased timeline with heightened safety protocols due to the positioning of the hazardous materials.


  • Both the exterior and interior of the walls were impacted by lead paint meaning we could not cut into the steel wall of boiler without generating lead containing dust



  • We decide to use airline filters instead of respirators since the airlines are able to bring in clean air from the exterior providing clean, breathable, uncontaminated air

Results to date.

Was our work was completed, CANNEPP was able to install the new  high-efficiency furance:

  • Removed the impacted ducting and boiler, as well as the concrete pad the boiler was on and all lead paint that was on the floor inside the contained area

  • Testing was done to indicate a lead free space with just clear air and a clean floor remaining on site

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