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We invest in innovative technology and equipment that will best serve our customers.


The Vec-Loader is a powerful, integrated vacuum, waste packaging and HEPA filtration system that is self-powered and easily transported; making it well suited for hazardous waste containment and the cleanup of buildings that are no longer easily accessible. The Vec-Loader's overall removal rate is on average 263% faster than the manual process and reduces airborne particulates by an average of 36%.

The Vec-Loader helps eliminate unnecessary risks for the workers and the homeowner.

Traditionally, asbestos containing vermiculite is removed manually with shovels, then bagged and walked through the property to remove it. This process makes it difficult to ensure that all of the material is removed and that none of the asbestos fibres escape into the air. The benefits of the Vec-Loader include:

  • Lower airborne insulation fiber and radionuclides

  • Greater waste compaction and lower disposal costs

  • Lower cost of operation and higher productivity

  • Reduced worker contact with insulation

  • Faster, better, green cleaning process

The Vec-Loader is the safest and least disruptive way to remove vermiculite from residential homes.

The Vec-Loader uses specialized hoses to remove the hazardous material from every area of the building and take it directly to the truck where it is safely removed from the property. Our system ensures zero impact to the inside living area of the home.

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