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We could not do what we do, without our fantastic team.


The management of Phoenix Enterprises has been involved in the hazardous materials abatement industry for well over 30 years. In fact, our three directors have a combined 90+ years of experience. As a team, we have worked on some of the largest hazardous abatement sites undertaken in this province.


Our clients look to us for solving their intricate abatement issues that can be sensitive in nature - large or small our experience and expertise have helped our clients to overcome many obstacles and problems.



Director + Project Manager

Dave has managed large commercial and industrial abatement projects both domestically and internationally. His knowledge of the industry has lead to him being a driving force behind the introduction of our disposal and demolition divisions.


Director + Project Manager

Dan has over 15 years of experience doing the abatement work as well as 15 years managing it. His work on residential, commercial and industrial jobs around the province has lead to him being featured as an expert in Canadian Property Management Magazine.



Project Manager

Mike is our residential expert. He has strong charisma and compassion which allow him to understand the needs of homeowners and develop solutions that make them feel safe in their homes once again. 


Project Manager

Richard has a practical understanding of how a job should be completed. He started with us as a field worker and is now our most sought after project manager. He develops custom comprehensive removal solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients.


Warehouse Manager

Pete coordinates the deployment of our equipment and materials to job sites. He's responsible for sourcing cost-effective supplies and maintaining optimal inventory levels. Pete also manages our drywall disposal drop-offs and pick-ups when they arrive at our facility.


Our senior leadership is supported by an incredibly talented team of office staff and field workers. They work on the job sites and behind the scenes to ensure that you have a great experience with our company.


No one wants to find hazardous materials in their home but with a commitment to excellence and total client satisfaction, we make sure that you can return to a safe home.

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