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Various Buildings Across Burnaby Campus

Founded in 1965, Simon Fraser University has become one of the province's top universities with campuses in Vancouver, Surrey and Burnaby. Our work with SFU has been ongoing since 2014 and encompasses the asbestos abatement, mould remediation and the select interior demolition of various building across the Burnaby campus. We had a standing work order with the university to address the remediation of the residences buildings as the conditions posed a hazard for both students and employees of the university.


Simon Fraser University


Asbestos, Mould + Interior Demolition


Burnaby Campus


2014 - 2018

Project scope and our approach.

Over the course of five years, we worked on buildings around the university. We also did a lot of the work in phases to allow for other trades persons to have access to the buildings for their repairs. Given that the scope of work included asbestos abatement, mould remediation and select interior demolition, we had to develop an integrated approach to completing the project. 

With the residences we began with interior demolition to remove specific building materials allowing us access to the mould impacted drywall. This drywall was also asbestos containing since it was installed prior to 1990. We were required to follow asbestos abatement procedures and received final air clearances for both mould and asbestos.

For the on-campus residences we would often remediate anywhere from 1 to 10 units at a time, depending on how much mould had impacted each of the individual units. Our Project Manager and two key Foremen would manage a team of five certified workers who moved from project to project around the university. The other educational buildings were handled on a per project basis.


Due to the project taking place at a university we had to be mindful of students and employees who were impacted by the work being done.


  • The residences were often occupied by students who were living in the space which made it difficult to coordinate work times

  • Work taking place in classrooms could not be conducted during school hours



  • SFU often had a start work on units that were vacant and if not we would arrange a time with the residence that was safe to conduct the work

  • We would also schedule work for outside of regular working hours so that professors and students were not exposure to any hazardous materials or impacted by levels of higher noise

Results to date.

This project featured both a standing work order for the remediation of residences as well as contract work for other educational buildings:

  • The residences, highlighted in red, were part of our ongoing work with the university and some buildings had upwards of 200 units that needed to be remediated

  • The contract work, highlighted in orange, were tackled on a per project basis and required us to work outside of standard work hours

  • This project is valued at over $4 Million

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