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We invest in innovative technology and equipment that will best serve our customers.


Phoenix Enterprises' Vacuum Box technology was developed to reduce workplace injury and exposure to hazardous waste during the removal process while still being cost-effective. The liner is rated for lifting 9,000kg of hazardous waste and has an 8mil PE leak proof lining to ensure proper containment and disposal.

The Vacuum Box is designed to work in conjunction with the Vec-Loader to remove asbestos more efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Vacuum Box is able to hold greater amounts of hazardous waste making it the preferred removal method for asbestos on commercial jobs. The benefits of the Vacuum Box include:

  • Higher productivity

  • Less manpower needed

  • Reduced worker contact with hazardous materials

  • Shorter removal times

This technology allows asbestos to be removed from occupied spaces with minimal disruption to the business.

The Vacuum Box is the leading solution for productively removing asbestos from offices, hospitals, schools and other heavily occupied spaces. The Box can handle a variety of material such as drywall, ceramics and clay blocks. 

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