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We invest in innovative technology and equipment that will best serve our customers.


This high-performance laser technology is designed to paint from steel beams and columns for additions, repairs and seismic upgrades. These lasers are designed for reliability, minimal maintenance, fast set-up and simple operation. It requires no gas or other consumables. This equipment is energy efficient and environmentally-friendly by operating without the use of chemicals, media blast or water.

When compared to other coating removal processes, laser ablation is a remarkably green technology.

There is limited set-up and safety equipment required for the work area, and laser ablation only produces a small fraction of the toxic residue generated by other de-coating processes. The quick and easy removal of lead paint, without the need for abrasive media, make for quicker clean-up and easier disposal of the lead paint residue.

The technology also allows for increased worker safety by requiring minimal PPE (personal protective equipment) for operators and, due to the quiet, safe nature of the equipment, the lead paint removal process can be done safely while you continue your day-to-day operations.

The CL-1000 laser allows for greater substrate protection and flexible operation.

Ablation does not damage metal substrate, maintaining the strength and integrity of the surface being de-coated, whether it’s steel, aluminum, brick or stone. The variable adjustments that can be made enable this technology to be used for the full removal of lead paint.

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