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Phoenix Enterprises’ organizational mission is to reduce our impact on the environment by practicing and emphasizing sustainable work procedures. 


We strive to accomplish this with initiatives designed to minimize our impact on this province’s beautiful natural resources and to lessen the amount of non-hazardous waste we transfer to landfills. We promise to ensure the safe handling, demolition, and transportation of all hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

Our promise:

  • Commit to our environmental performance by following a recycling and waste management program, with training and awareness for all of our employees.

  • Look to identify any and all significant environmental impacts by establishing our objectives and setting targets to improve them.

  • Recognize our responsibility to comply with all federal, provincial and municipal environmental laws and regulations as it pertains to the handling and transportation of hazardous materials.


  • Send used oil and other mechanical products for recycling.


  • Assure that all building materials acquired through demolition or abatement will be directed towards the appropriate recycling facility.


  • Conduct annual Internal Audits to ensure compliance with all regulations and our environmental and sustainability policy.


  • Reuse any material that can be deconstructed and reassembled at another location.


  • Strive to continually provide information about our environmental performance to all employees, clients, suppliers and other stakeholders.



Avoid using unnecessary materials.


Incorporate existing



Control materials to ensure only necessary waste goes to landfill.


Look for new and better demolition solutions.

Our procedures

We created our Environmental and Sustainable Policy with the mission to minimize our impact on this province’s beautiful natural resources and to lessen the amount of non-hazardous waste we transfer to landfills. We execute this with the awareness and education for all of our employees in our initiatives, policies and procedures. When we are on a construction or demolition site, the project will have different bins on site for the different associated materials therefore the separation happens at the source and can be sent to the appropriate recycling facility. In our own mechanic shop we segregate lubricants, oil filters, and used oil which is then picked up by a local BCUOMA program company.


Our recycling program for recyclable wastes involves the separation of materials which are then sent to the appropriate facilities. This ensures the eventual reuse of the material into another product. We also strive to reuse quality building materials that can be deconstructed and moved to another location for application to avoid creating excessive waste. We reduce our materials used on projects by asking ourselves “Do we really need this or can we do without?”


Our company’s waste management program follows all local legislation of hazardous waste.

We track our waste from the job site using a completed site specific waste manifest form that is brought to the receiving facility. When it arrives, the facility personnel perform part of our quality assurance checks to ensure the waste is appropriately handled and secured. All of our documentation is then reviewed for accuracy and scanned into their online system, identifying the job details and referencing the information for that particular waste.  The hazardous waste, then gets shipped to the end disposal facility accompanied by the waste manifest, copies of the end disposal facilities receiving information and documentation. This documentation is added to our job information to ensure that the tracking from job site to disposal facility is accurate and complete.

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