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Dry Ice Blasting is used to replace the manual sanding and scraping process for mould remediation. It has the capability of cleaning mould from surfaces such as plywood and concrete, without creating secondary waste. This process eliminates any stains caused by the mould and the leaves the surface completely clean. Dry Ice Blasting removes 99.9% of mould spores and is 60-80% faster than traditional removal methods.

During the remediation process, the mold is sprayed with carbon dioxide (CO2), which causes it to shrink and detach from any surface it’s attached to. This prevents future mold growth.

The process also involves the use of high pressure at -78ºC or freezing temperatures. These low temperatures help preserve the integrity of a building. The benefits of the Dry Ice Blasting include:

  • Clean and detailed work, even in tight spots

  • Removes mould stains from all surfaces (wood, concrete, etc.)

  • Thoroughly removes all mould spores

  • Shorter cleaning times and less manpower needed

  • Generates little to no dust during removal

Dry Ice Blasting is becoming the preferred method of mold removal because it’s beneficial to both homeowners and businesses.

This remediation process gets rid of the mould, enhances your home’s indoor air quality and preserves your home’s structure – inside and out.

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