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We invest in innovative technology and equipment that will best serve our customers.


Shot Blasting floor removal equipment is one of the most advanced removal methods on the market for asbestos and non-asbestos containing materials. Shot blasting machines are characterized by their maneuverability, precision and versatility meaning they are both safe and efficient. The process which uses a HEPA-filtered recovery system also ensures the operation is almost entirely dust-free.

Shot Blasting is a 1-step method for stripping, cleaning and profiling surfaces.

The Shot Blaster removes all types of flooring coverings as well as concrete surface preparation. The benefits of the Shot Blasting include:

  • Flooring surface is left dry and chemical-free without releasing airborne dust or contaminants

  • Drying times, acid etching and costly disposal procedures are eliminated

  • Blast pattern accuracy and wide abrasive selection allows users to achieve any desired surface profile

  • Excellent bonding characteristics are produced reducing coating failures, and maximizing floor life

  • Disposal of dust and contaminants is easily achieved

Blasting steel shot is the most environmentally friendly abrasive blasting method there is, since there is no use of chemical products and no water waste.

Shot Blasting removes residue right down to the substrate making it the preferred choice for optimal refinishing. Different blast media can also change the surface texture for various types of finishes offering a project-specific flooring removal solution.

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