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We ensure that our employees receive the best training available, whether it be through industry schooling, Hazardous Material Association Certification, or in-house training.


Our Health and Safety team prides themselves on ensuring that workers go home the way they showed up to the job. This commitment to providing training and enforcing procedures helps us keep our employees safe in this dangerous field of hazardous materials removal and waste management.

Our Health and Safety policy requires support at all levels of the organization.

We all want to have a safe and happy workplace.  To ensure this, we need everybody’s participation:


  • The management of Phoenix Enterprises Ltd is committed to providing safe and healthy working conditions, and to promoting positive attitudes toward safety and health within the organization.

  • Management is responsible for providing a safe work site and for establishing and maintaining adequate standards of maintenance of site and equipment to ensure that physical and health hazards are guarded against or eliminated, and for developing work procedures conducive to a safe and healthy workplace.

  • Superintendents / Foremen / Forewomen are responsible for ensuring that workers have a safe work environment free from harm and are properly instructed to do their work safely; for enforcing safe work procedures and regulations; and for correcting all unsafe activities.


  • All workers and subcontractors have the right to a safe work environment and are required to work safely, to review, know and follow all rules and safe work procedures.

  • All Phoenix Enterprises Ltd employees are expected to correct or report unsafe acts or conditions, and to work proactively toward Hazard identification and reducing the risks associated, and responding to incidents to determine corrective actions to prevent any similar incidents.


To offer our clients the highest standards in safety and quality assurance we strive to meet safety, regulatory and insurance requirements through intensive safety auditing.

We ensure that our certified professionals safely handle, remove, and dispose of hazardous materials by being members of and remaining in accordance with the following organizations:

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WorkSafeBC Logo.jpg

Working in accordance with these organizations is a high priority for Phoenix Enterprises as it supports our company values of having a commitment to excellence and assuring total client satisfaction. 

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