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We invest in innovative technology and equipment that will best serve our customers.


The Terminator electric floor scraper was designed to remove flooring materials with ease. It has an all day battery (runs 8-12 hours) and an onboard 110V on board charging system that charges 30% faster allowing for more efficient work. It removes VCT, vinyl, carpet, ceramic, and many other flooring materials in a compact an easy to maneuver design. Combined with our shot blasting equipment, we have a complete removal process that will get the job project done effectively.

The Terminator is 15% faster than competing removal solutions.

The floor scraper is able to operate at a removal rate of 1200-3000 sq.ft./ hour depending on the flooring material. Additional benefits of the floor scraper include:

  • Zero Emissions

  • Fully Enclosed Design: protects hydraulics and major components

  • Fits through any standard doorway

  • Adjustable wheel scraper blades

  • Integrated fork lift channels

  • Non-marking tires

The electric floor scraper excels in confined and occupied spaces.

Traditional flooring removal equipment was propane based. Due to CO2 emissions, this equipment isn't suitable for removal in small areas and unvented spaces. The electric floor scraper solves this problem and is the preferred method for hospitals and schools.

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