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3 things you must replace this Holiday Season

Be Asbestos Aware!

The Holidays are full of joy, and entertainment. You may be taking out old decorations, and appliances to get ready for the chilly season ahead. We want to bring light to a few products you should replace or retire this season. There are lots of products you have in your home right now that may contain asbestos. Be cautious that products in your home may contain asbestos.

Old decorations

Do you have any ornaments, or decorations passed on from previous generations? In the past fake snow contained asbestos and may have been sprinkled on trees, wreaths and ornaments.

This year we want you to consider retiring old christmas decorations for the safety of your family.

Fireproof Gloves

You are going to build a warm fire for your family on a chilly Christmas evening. You may search for a pair of fireproof gloves that are packed away. The only problem is that you haven't seen them in years! You may find them deep in a holiday bucket and decide to avoid injury by using them to build your fire. Instead, those old, worn out gloves may contain Asbesto and cause long lasting effects on your health.

We recommend replacing your old fireproof gloves this year!

Electric Blankets

Now that you’ve set up your deck with a nice fire, you decide to find your old electric blanket. You think it’s a good idea because your wife is always cold! Danger is Asbestos was used to insulate electric blankets many years ago because of the warmth and fire-resistance asbestos fibers provide. If your electric blanket is more than a few years old, and looks worn out we suggest you replace it!

We wish you a safe and wonderful Christmas!

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