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5 questions about drywall disposal answered by our team

We’ve noticed that a lot of our customers have questions about drywall disposal. We thought we’d take this opportunity to answer some of the recurring questions we see.

If you have any questions that you don’t see on this list, we’d love to hear them. You can post a comment below, give us a call at 605-594-0224, send us an email to, or visit our residential disposal web page at

Q1: The drywall is double bagged in the construction waste bags but I cannot find anywhere to buy asbestos labelled bags. Can I get bags from you to bag waste before pickup? – Patti S.

A: Yes you can. The appropriate asbestos labelled bags aren't sold at most local hardware stores which makes them difficult for homeowners to find. In addition to us selling the bags, they can also be purchased from a few local supply and safety equipment companies such as Acklands Grainger and Hazmasters. If you purchase the bags from us we will help you estimate the quantity needed so you will not have to buy an entire role unless needed.

Q2: I have 30 6-mil bags of gyproc containing asbestos. The bags are 6 mil poly bags. Can I mark the bags with markers to say Asbestos before putting them in another clear bag? What is involved to get them picked up? – George N.

A: No the bags cannot be marked to indicate asbestos. The material must be bagged with regulations 6-mil asbestos labelled bags that already have indicated the appropriate warnings and hazardous material type notations. This information must be included on the bags for identification and safety reasons.

To have the bags picked-up you can either contact us directly or fill in the form on our website and we will contact you to schedule a time.

Q3: Do you dispose/accept used drywall materials, there is 1% asbestos in the "mud' but none in the board, paper, or paint? The drywall board has no tiles or wood attached and is stored in double 3-mil plastic bags. I'm just looking for a place to deliver it too for disposal. – Ted A.

A: Yes we do. Until 1990, the “mud” that was used to seal the seams and fill gaps between drywall boards may have contained asbestos. Since mud is feathered to cover large areas with a smooth finish, the entire piece of drywall should be treated as asbestos containing; this includes the board, paper, and paint.

Q4: 1) Are 7-mil Demo Bags available at Home Depot acceptable? 2) Do you have a preferred method for tying/sealing the bags? – Michael M.

A: Unfortunately, no. We require that the material be bagged in 6-mil polyethylene asbestos labelled bags. Any other type of bag is unacceptable.

Great question, yes we do have a preferred method to tying the bags.

Bag 1: Collect the bag tight around the waste where you can separate the materials from the air. You should keep the waste in the bag roughly one foot from the top. The bag cannot be overloaded for safety concerns and should weigh no more than 15kg. Once you have collected the bag at the neck, squeeze out all excess air, this will help limit the movement of potentially sharp objects and prevent them from puncturing the bag. Next, you need to twist the bag several times until you have a large enough space to tape the neck. You should wrap the tape a minimum of three times.

Bag 2: Insert the first bag into the second bag and ensure that the bottom corners line up. At this point, if you notice there is a sharp object in the bag, you can lay the tail of the bag on top of that area for reinforcement. Then you’re going to repeat the process. After you've tied the neck instead of laying the tail down or just leaving it there like the first time, you need to fold it back down on itself and then tape it. This is to ensure there is no way for the hazardous particles to escape.

Just as a reminder there should be no air in the bags. As well as that, we require that the bags do not have any dust or punctures.

Now that the waste is safely double bagged in 6-mil polyethylene asbestos labelled bags, you can bring it to us for disposal.

Q5: I wanted to find out if you do disposal of drywall that has been tested and has NO asbestos. We are doing renos around our house over the next year and will have drywall that we need to get rid of during this process. I have the paperwork for the testing and am just looking for a place I can bring it. – Tony

A: No we do not accept clean or asbestos-free drywall. We recommend that you take the drywall to New West Gypsum for disposal.

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