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Leading the way with innovative technologies

Phoenix Enterprises has been in business for over 20 years, with our owners each having 30 years of professional experience in the industry. They have seen the development of new regulations and the introduction of new technologies. In order for us to remain a leading company, we make it a priority to continually research new innovative technologies and adopt them into our removal methods. With that being said, we look for technologies that are a) more efficient, b) more cost-effective, and c) safer for our workers and our clients. Some of these technologies include:

The Vec-Loader


The Vec-Loader is an industrial vacuuming system, designed by Vector Technologies, for the removal of asbestos-containing insulation. If your home has vermiculite in the attic, the best removal method is to use the vec-loader. It is a powerful, integrated vacuum, waste packaging and HEPA filtration system that is self-powered and easily transported; making it well suited for hazardous waste containment and the cleanup of buildings that are no longer easily accessible.

The Vec-Loader's overall removal rate is on average 263% faster than the manual process and reduces airborne radionuclides by an average of 36%. As well as being more efficient, the Vec-Loader has several other benefits:

  • Lower airborne insulation fiber and radionuclides

  • Reduced worker contact with insulation

  • Higher productivity

  • Greater waste compaction and lower disposal costs

  • Lower cost of operation

  • Faster, better, green cleaning process

Dry Ice Blasting

Dry Ice Blasting equipment, designed by Cold Jet, is used to replace the manual sanding and scraping process for mould remediation. It is the best solution since there is no secondary waste stream created. It has the capability of cleaning mould from surfaces such as:

  • Wood Framing

  • Plywood Surfaces

  • Concrete

This results in eliminating stains and leaving a clean surface. Dry Ice Blasting removes 99.9% of mould spores and is 60-80% faster than traditional removal methods.

  • Clean detailed work in tight spots

  • Generates little to no dust

  • Less manpower is needed

  • Removes any mould stains

  • Thoroughly removes all mould spores

  • Shorter cleaning times

The Vacuum Box


Phoenix Enterprises' Vacuum Box technology was developed by our President Mike Reading. The equipment was established to reduce workplace injury and exposure to hazardous waste during the removal process while still being cost-effective. The liner is rated for lifting 9,000kg of hazardous waste and has an 8mil PE leak proof lining to ensure proper containment and disposal. The benefits of our vacuum box technology are as follows:

  • Higher productivity

  • Less manpower needed

  • Reduced worker contact with hazardous materials

  • Shorter removal times

In order to remain competitive in the industry, the ability to adapt  and to innovate is key. Over the past 20 years we have continued to do that with the best interests of our customers in mind. In order to ensure that your home is safe and to give you peace of mind, we have some of the best equipment on the market to complete the project on-time, on-budget, and safely.

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